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Being successful as a student involves more than being able to memorize large amounts of information quickly. In order to succeed, you are assumed to possess many skills that are not taught in the classroom. In addition you are expected to possess and maintain a positive attitude and mindset that keeps you motivated for your studies.

We understand that the necessary skills are not acquired automatically and we understand that there are many reasons that affect your state of mind and motivation to study.

Below you will find some resources to help you develop effective study habits, and some resources related to life issues in more general.


Developing effective study skills

Studying effectively is about remembering information, working on that information and communicating it. To do this well, you need effective and efficient study techiques and habits. Underneath are links to existing resources:

Online courses/trainings on learning how to learn for unviersity students




Some basic principles for effective learning


10 study resources for studnets

What works, What doesn't?

How to Effectively Study - Research-Supported Techniques


Videos & Podcasts for Students

Series of videos on study skills 

Podcast by NPR Life Kit: How to Succeed at College

Podcast episodes by the Learning Scientists

Our YouTube playlist of study strategy videos


Training your attention

Eleven concentration training exercises

Online course on Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Seven Attention Training Tips for Students from "Psychology Today"


WISP's student advisor

Ms. Urszula Szulc is our student advisor. She is availalbe to all WISP students with questions or issues related to being a student, but also with private matters. She has experience with working with international students and provides individual advise and support. Ms. Szulc also teaches at WISP and in that role all students in year one meet with her in class weekly. As a result she is very accessible to students with questions or needs. In case of doubt whom to ask or talk to, she is the person to turn to.



Psychological support

In case you suffer psychologically, you are not able to cope with unpleasant thoughts, difficult emotions overwhelm you, you feel that daily functioning is a challenge, for instance with regard to relationships with other people, or realizing your goals and objectives.

The University of Warsaw offers psychological support through the Psychological Counselling Centre. Counselling is provided free of charge to all Unviesity students and employees, also in English. For further information and for scheduling an appointment please visit http://cpp.uw.edu.pl/info-in-english/

It is also possible to visit the Counselling Center without prior appointment and speak with a psychologist immediately; Monday to Friday between 12.00 and 13.00 

For certain conditions, psychotherapy may be appropriate. Psychotherapy is a method of treating mental problems. It’s aim is to relieve suffering, improve quality of life and enable better everyday functioning. The University does provide counselling services but does not provide long-term psychotherapy. In case you are in need of psychotherapy and have questions, please consult WISP's student advisor (see above) for practical information how to obtain access to psychotherapy services.

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