The Additional Entry Exam

The additional entry exam is going to be conducted in English and is based on a popular science book in the field of psychology read by the candidate. For the admissions in 2020, we ask our candidates to read 'The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion' written by Jonathan Haidt.  

Exam Committee can give maximum of 50 points for each aspect that is graded:

  • reading comprehension
  • critical thinking.

In order to verify whether candidates read and understand the book, Exam Committee will ask them to explain essential topics and ideas mentioned in the publication.

In order to verify whether candidates are able to make critical reflection about the text that they read, they will have to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the concept mentioned in the book and formulate their own opinion providing reasonable arguments.

Maximum number of points possible to obtain during the additional entrance exam (second stage of qualification procedure): 100

Minimum number of points needed to pass the entrance exam: 60

The final result for studies in English language consists of:

  • points obtained during the first stage of qualification procedure - calculation of maturity exam results (50%)
  • points obtained during the second stage of qualification procedure - additional entrance exam (50%)

Maximum number of points possible to obtain in the qualification procedure: 100

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