Additional information for candidates with non-Polish, non-IB/EB high school diplomas

In 2020/21 admissions the qualification procedure will consist of two stages. First stage is calculating the score on the basis of the results achieved at the end of secondary education. Second stage is an additional entrance exam. Underneath is a specification how diplomas would be assessed.

The calculation of candidates high school diploma results is adjusted to the Polish maturity exam grading system. Grades will be converted into a single score between 0 and 100, and then the candidates score will be calculated. Here can be found an overview of the conversions of some of non-Polish diplomas.

Four subjects are required from all candidates:

  1. Polish language or original language of maturity (high school) exam
  2. Mathematics
  3. Modern foreign language*
  4. One of the following: Modern foreign language*, Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy, Physics, Physics and astronomy, Geography, History, Computer science, Latin, Classic Greek, Management, Economics, Psychology, Anthropology, Politics, Social studies

* - languages need to differ


What matters, in addition to your actual score, is the level at which you took the subject. If you completed a subject on higher level, your score will count for the full 100%. If you took a subject at standard level however, only 60% of your score will be counted. However, if there is no information on the level at which you took given subject, then only 80% of your score is taken into consideration. 


Your final score is a weighted average of those four subjects. Specifically, points for Polish or the language of maturity exam count for 20% of your final score, mathematics counts for 20%, the foreign language for 20% and the elective subject for 40%.


In order to qualify for the interview, your score should be at least 50. The diploma scores of all applicants will then be ranked, and candidates are admitted in order of their position, starting from the highest score.


All candidates need to provide proof of a sufficient level of English language proficiency at the stage of qualifications, in case not being a native English speaker. This requirement does not apply in case you have completed high school education conducted entirely in English. Click the following link for an overview of accepted certificates. If you decide to take IELTS exam however, you need to have a score of at least 6.5.


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