Additional information for candidates with non-Polish, non-IB/EB high school diplomas

 This year, we can admit candidates only based on high school diploma results. The grades on your diploma will be converted into a single score between 0 and 100. The diploma scores of all applicants will then be ranked, and candidates are admitted in order of their position, starting from the highest score. Soon more detailed informaiton about how diploma's will be scored will be published here.

Foreign candidates, if they come from outside of the EU/EFTA, need to provide proof of a sufficient level of English language proficiency, in case not being a native English speaker. This requirement does not apply in case you completed high school education in English. Click the following link for an overview of accepted certificates.


    Wydział Psychologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego - website of the Polish studies

  • USOSweb

    USOSweb of the Faculty of Psychology - this is where you register for some psychology courses (obligatory ones taught in groups), where you can see your grades etc.

  • Registration for other courses

    Registration for psychology elective/specialization courses, OGUN courses, language and PE classes as well as language exams.

  • WISP Student Union

    Here is where you can find WISP Students. Turn to them with questions and problems if you have any.

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