Business Psychology

The Business Psychology specialization is a combination of the fields of Economic Psychology and Organizational and Work Psychology. The aim of the specialization is for students to learn about applied psychology as encountered most commonly in commercial as well as non for profit organizations.

The specialization is organized such, that one year focuses on Economic Psychology, whereas the other year is devoted to Organizational and Work Psychology.

The year focusing on Economic Psychology aims to help students develop a broad understanding of psychological mechanisms and processes connected with advertising and markeing, consumer behaviour and financial decision making. Course are taught by specialists from different disciplines; Psychology, but also Economics and Management. The majority of courses are taught by instructors with advanced academic training who went on to pursue careers in business and who are especially well prepared to integrate the theory and applied aspects of topics in their teaching.

The year focusing on Organizational and Work Psychology students will gain knowledge and develop skills that will help them succeed at working with employees in different contexts in organizations, ranging from recruitment and selection, motivating, training and coaching employees, to managing processes of working in groups, organizational change, and conflict resolution.

The table underneath provides an overview of the courses offered within the specialization. From time to time changes are made to the courses offered, or their timing; for the most up to date overview of courses offered within the specialization and detailed descriptions of the courses, please see the link on the left: course offer.

Year focusing on
Organizational and Work Psychology
semester Hours ECTS
Introduction to Organizational Psychology winter 30 3
Conflicts, Mediation, Negotiations winter 30 3
Organizational Change Management winter 15 2
Intercultural Communication in Business winter 15 2
Recruitment and Selection winter 15 2
Leadership summer 15 2
Introduction to Work Psychology summer 30 3
Training and Development summer 15 2
Psychology of Coaching summer 30 3
Work Attitudes: Theory and Measurement summer 15 2
Assessment and Development Center summer 15 2
Designing of Psychoeducational Groups at Work summer 15 2
Year Focusing on
Economic Psychology
semester Hours ECTS
Economics for Psychologists winter 30 4
Qualitative Methods in Marketing Research winter 30 4
Psychology of Brand and Advertising winter 30 4
Principles of Marketing winter 30 4
Quantitative methods in Marketing Research summer 30 4
Consumer Behaviour summer 30 4
Financial Psychology summer 30 4

In addition to specialization courses, students will be enrolling in elective courses, some of which will specifically fall within the field of their specialization, they can enroll for non-Psychology courses offered by different departments and will be working on the Master’s thesis.