5th Year

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An explanation of the abbreviations of course titles you can find [here]

Requirements to complete and pass year 5:

  1. You need to gather at least 60 ECTS credits, counting the credits from all courses you completed - so including obligatory, elective  and OGUN courses. 
  2. Defend your master's thesis
  3. Complete at least 4 ECTS credits from all of the eight thematic baskets:
    1. clinical psychology
    2. cognitive psychology
    3. biological bases of behavior
    4. personality, emotion, motivation, individual differences
    5. developmental and educational psychology
    6. social psychology
    7. statistics, methodology and psychometrics
    8. interdisciplinary courses

      Elective courses are classified as belonging to one of these baskets. The course syllabus will mention this, as well as USOS will indicate this.

  4. Complete at least 21 ECTS from non-psychology OGUN courses till the end of your studies
  5. Complete at least 48 ECTS credits of specialization courses
  6. Complete at least 24 of elective courses during years 4 and 5