TitleCourse TypeHoursECTS CreditsInstructorsDescription
1 Year
Basic Psychological Skillsclass604Szulc Urszula (MSc)

Year-long course.

Fall Semester
Academic Skillsseminar304Davies Stephen (BA)
Biological Bases of Behavior Ilecture + seminar606Tomalski Przemysław (Dr hab.),
Rojczyk Agnieszka (MSc),
Boguszewski Paweł (PhD)

Lecture 30h + seminar 30h.

Introduction to Psychologylecture304Borska-Mądrzycka Zofia (MSc)
Logicseminar303Miłkowski Marcin (Dr hab.)
Research Methodslecture + seminar606Winiewski Mikołaj (PhD)

Lecture 30h + seminar 30h

Spring Semester
Biological Bases of Behaviour IIlecture304Dragan Wojciech (Dr hab.),
Boon Louis (Prof.)
Cognitive Psychology Ilecture304Tarłowski Andrzej (PhD)
History of Psychologylecture304Heins Manuela (Prof.)
Statistics Ilecture + class606de Raad Wouter (PhD)

Lecture 30h + class 30h.

2 Year
Fall Semester
Academic Skillsclass304Davies Stephen (BA)
Cognitive Psychology IIlecture304Karwowska Dorota (PhD)
Developmental Psychology Ilecture304Borska-Mądrzycka Zofia (MSc),
Gratier Maya (Prof.),
Tomalski Przemysław (Dr hab.),
Haman Ewa (Dr hab.)
Experimental Psychologyclass303Winiewski Mikołaj (PhD)
Introduction to Contemporary Philosophylecture304Lewestam Karolina (PhD)
Psychometricslecture304Zajenkowski Marcin (Dr hab.)
Statistics IIclass303Jankowski Konrad (PhD),
Rynkiewicz Andrzej (Dr hab.)
Spring Semester
Developmental Psychology IIlecture + seminar606Borska-Mądrzycka Zofia (MSc),
Kmita Grażyna (Dr hab.),
Lubiewska Katarzyna (PhD),
Gambin Małgorzata (PhD)

Lecture 30h + seminar 30h

Individual Differenceslecture304Zajenkowski Marcin (Dr hab.)
Social Psychologylecture + seminar604Bilewicz Michał (Dr hab., prof. UW),
Babińska Maria (MSc)

Lecture 30h + seminar 30h

Standard Diagnostic Methodsclass304Miękisz Aneta (PhD),
Łowicki Paweł (MSc)
Statistics IIIclass303Prusik Monika (PhD)
3 Year
Fall Semester
Psychological Assessment (lab)class304Szymczyk Bartosz (MSc)
Psychological Assessment (lecture)lecture304Gabińska Anna (PhD)
Psychopathologylecture304Holas Paweł (PhD, MD),
Styła Rafał (PhD),
Kawa Rafał (PhD),
Krzanowska Eliza (PhD)
Social Psychology TBUlecture304de Raad Wouter (PhD)
Spring Semester
History of Psychologylecture304Heins Manuela (Prof.)
Introduction to Guidance and Counselling Psychologylecture304de Raad Wouter (PhD),
Porębiak Marta (PhD)
4 Year
Fall Semester
Professional Ethics in Applied and Experimental Psychologylecture304Hoefling Gerard (Prof.)
5 Year
Fall Semester
Professional Ethics in Applied and Experimental Psychologylecture304Hoefling Gerard (Prof.)

Guidelines for Theoretical and Empirical Papers: [DOWNLOAD]

NOTE: courses might change semesters during the whole academic year. This is because each year we have several visiting professors who sometimes can come to Warsaw in winter and sometimes in spring.