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Another WISP student among winners of the Interstudent award


A WISP student, Seyed Mohammadreza ("Reza") Sadr, has become one of the winners of the Interstudent contest in 2017. Interstudent is a contest for the best foreign student in Poland. There are winners in 4 categories: on the bachelor level, on the master level, on the PhD level (winners chosen by the Interstudent jury) and there is also an award for winning a popular vote. Reza won the master level award. In 2017, there were over 100 candidates from 5 continents. Candidates had to have not only good grades, but they also needed to be involved in other activities (social, cultural, sport etc.).

A WISP Student Abnoos Moslehi won the INTERSTUDENT Award!


A WISP Student, Abnoos Moslehi, won a Special Award in the INTERSTUDENT competition for the best international Student in Poland. The competition is aimed at international students who should be able to demonstrate behaviors promoting the ideas of multiculturalism, maintain good academic achievements and inspire others with their input in the shape of the local community. Congratulations!



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A WISP Student, Seyed Mohammadreza Sadr, won the Interstudent award!

Interstudent 2017


A radio interview with a WISP student, Reza Sadr, who was nominated in the Interstudent contest

Student UW wśród najlepszych zagranicznych żaków w Polsce


A WISP Student, Mateusz Cytrowski won a traineeship in the "Grasz o staż" contest

Laureaci 19. edycji "Grasz o staż"


A WISP Student, Karolina Mojeścik, won Invent a New Future Challenge

2014 Winners


Radio Kampus about WISP

Psychologia po angielsku na UW - reportaż o WISP (2/2)


Radio Kampus about WISP

Psychologia po angielsku na UW - reportaż o WISP (1/2)


An Interview with a WISP Student Anna-Maria Balnozan for one of the student magazines

A Scandinavian miracle


An interview with a WISP Student Abnoos Mosheli



A WISP Student Abnoos Moslehi won the INTERSTUDENT Award!

They are building bridges between cultures


A WISP Student, Peter Lewinski, chosen Head of Finance of the European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations

General Assembly 23 April 2012


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