News for April 2020


Status and prolongation of visa in Poland during the corona epidemic - updates

Important information regarding validity of visa and their prolongation is available on the website of the office of the Mazovian district. Link to an English translation is placed at the bottom of the site


New guidance for studying and working during coronavirus outbreak

Rector of the University of Warsaw in connection with preventing COVID-19 spread among the UW community   Taking into consideration the current situation in the country, Prof. Marcin Pałys, the UW rector, has decided to introduce the following changes to his previous orders and: Extend through 15th May the period of online lectures and classes for students, doctoral candidates, post-diploma learners. (According to the Order no. 50/2020 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 10th March 2020, this regulation applied until 14th April 2020). Extend through 15th May work...

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Students allowed to un-register from courses

Students are allowed to unregister from WISP courses they do not need to fulfill the current year's requirements. See question and answer section on the main page.


Physical activity bank

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS CENTRE offers some activities you can practice at home. Here is the list of the activities: