News for 2019


Rector's scholarship for the best students

Dear Students,  applications for Rector's scholarship can be currently registered in usosweb, Common Section > Applications, you should submit printed and signed application with all necessary attachments to your faculty’s Students’ Office or Scholarship Committee by 25 October 2019; The deadline is non-negotiable, It is possible that you won’t be able to see your GPA on your application. Students' Office will calculate it later and then you will be able to check it in details of your application, more details about Rector's Scholarship (e.g....

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Please check your account in USOS

Please check if on your list of courses in USOS for current semester there are all courses which you should take. This especially concerns those who are in exceptional situation: Transfer students (are all program differences for this semester/year on your list of courses in USOS?) Those who repeat a course or a year (is your repeated course/courses on your list of courses in USOS?) Those who come back after Dean’s leave (are there courses for your year on your list of courses...

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Prolonging your student ID cards

(This announcement doesn’t concern New Students now, but it will concern you in the future, so read this info just to know for the future.) We are going to start prolonging your student ID cards starting next week. Your IDs should be valid till the end of October (check the sticker on your ID card). Before your ID card could be prolonged, please check the following: -          Have you paid everything you needed to pay? Not only the tuition...

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Scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Dear Students, Those of you who have exceptional results and have achieved something extraordinary in the 2018/19 academic year could apply for a scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education 2019/2020. This scholarship is given only to the best of the best students. In order to apply, it is not only necessary to have a very high GPA but also eg.: publications in renowned scientific journals or published books active participation in...

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Currency rates

Hello everyone,

If you want to pay your tuition fee in polish zloty the currency rates is 4,2706.
The deadline for spring semester is 16th of February. Remember that you have personal account number in USOSweb.