News for February 2018



Here is the list of exams in the make-up exam session after the winter semester 2017/18: BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BEHAVIOUR I Tue, 06 Mar, 10:30, room 412 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY I Fri, 02 Mar, 10:15, room 412 EMOTIONS AND MOTIVATION Thu, 08 Mar, 09:00, room 405 INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY Mon, 05 Mar, 13:45, 405 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY ...

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Linking courses to program

Dear Students,

Most of the courses will be automatically linkd to your program. There are some exceptions though, and courses such as language courses need to be linked manually. Please, check in your usos if everything is linked as it should.

DEADLINE: 25th of February 2018

Here is a short guide about linking for WISP (with printscreens, case studies, FAQ etc., so very useful!). 


Check up of obligatory courses

Dear Students,

You were signed up for most of obligatory courses by the office. Please check if you are signed up for everything you need to be signed up for, especially if you:

-          are a transfer student,

-          have a conditional pass,

-          have program differences after Erasmus etc.

If there is a course that should be there in USOS, but is not there, please let us know till Friday!