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Check obligatory courses in USOS

Dear Students,

You were signed up for obligatory courses by the office (except 2 courses for the 2nd year taught in groups). Please check if you are signed up for everything you need to be signed up for, especially if you:

-          are a transfer student,

-          have a conditional pass,

-          have program differences after Erasmus etc.

If there is a course that should be there in USOS, but is not there, please let us know.


Working with Groups make-up class

Dear Students of Working with Groups,

Since the class on 01 Dec was cancelled, a make-up class is going to take place on Wed, 18 Jan, at 16:00, room 405. Please update your schedules!


[1st year] BCS group 3 make-up class

Dear Students of Basic Psychological Skills (only group 3),

Since the class on 15 Dec was cancelled, a make-up class is going to take place on Thu, 26 Jan 2017, at 12:00 in room 404. This way you will have a double class on that day. Please update your schedules!


[Years 4-5] Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience on 22 Dec 2016

Dear Students of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience,

The teacher is ill, so the class on 22 Dec is cancelled. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known. Please update your schedules!


[1st year and other new Students] Short obligatory training: BHP - Occupational Health and Safety

Dear 1st-year (and other new) Students, As you may have seen on your schedule, you are all required to complete 2 small obligatory tests: 1) Occupational Health and Safety (in Polish: BHP) – an online training 2) Intellectual Property Rights (in Polish: Podstawy ochrony własności intelektualnej) – this is already done. Details regarding the Occupational Health and Safety This is just a small online test. You can...

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