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If you are planning to visit the Faculty during the current break, check here if it is open

Dear Students,

Due to the break and various holidays, this is how the Faculty will work in the coming days:

24 Dec – closed
25 Dec – closed

28 Dec – open
29 Dec – open
30 Dec – open
31 Dec – closed
01 Jan – closed

04 Jan – open
05 Jan – open
06 Jan – closed


[years 4-5] Social Cognition make-up class

Dear Students of Social Cognition,

Since one class was cancelled in November, here is when a make-up class will take place: Fri, 08 Jan, at 13:45, room 412. Please update your schedules!


[3rd year] Psychological Assessment Lab make-up clases

Dear Students of Psychological Assessment lab,

Since classes were cancelled twice due to instructor’s illness, here is how make-up classes are scheduled:

Group 1: on Fri, 08 Jan, at 10:15, room 404 and on Fri, 15 Jan, at 10:15, room 405
Group 2: on Tue, 12 Jan, 13:45, room 405 and on Tue, 19 Jan, 13:45, room 405 (so you will have double classes on these days)

Please update your schedules!



Here is the list of exams in the exam session after the winter semester 2015/16: BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BEHAVIOUR Fri, 05 Feb, 12:00, room 405 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Mon, 01 Feb, 13:45, room 404 EMOTIONS AND MOTIVATION Thu, 04 Feb, 13:45, room 408 INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY Mon, 01 Feb, 09:30, room 404 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY Thu, 28 Jan, 16:00, room 404 PERSONALITY PSCHOLOGY  to be announced during class PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT (lecture) Fri,...

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Christmas event on 15 Dec, some classes rescheduled

Dear Students, Tomorrow, 15 Dec, at 15:30-17:00 in room 408, there will be a Christmas event for all the Students and Employees of the Faculty. For this reason the Dean has announced Dean's hours (so no classes during these hours). You are all invited to participate! There will be good food :) 2 classes were planned to take place during the above mentioned hours, but they will be rescheduled for 12 Jan: Introduction to Psychology (1st year) – 12 Jan, 16:00, room 405 Neuropsychological...

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