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UW services unavailable on 05-06 Jan 2015

Dear Students,

Another part of server/network renovation at the Main UW Campus is going to take place on 05-06 Jan 2015. This means that different UW services (including USOS) and websites might be unavailable. They should work again on 06 Jan during later hours.


A newsletter and a planner/calendar

Dear Students,

If you would like to receive a newsletter from the Main Student Union, please come to the office (could be in January already) and sign your name on the list. In return, you will receive a nice university planner/calendar, created by the Student Union, which contains not only space for making notes, but also the list of places which are university-friendly and offer discounts for UW Students!


WISP office during the current winter holidays

Dear Students,

This is how the WISP office will be open during winter holidays:
Someone will be at the office on: 22-23 and 29-31 Dec.
The office will be closed on: 24-28 Dec, 01-06 Jan.



Here is the list of exams in the exam session after the winter semester 2014/15: BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BEHAVIOUR Fri, 30 Jan, 12:00, room 404 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Mon, 02 Feb, 13:45, room 404 EMOTIONS AND MOTIVATION Thu, 05 Feb, 12:00, room 408 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY Fri, 06 Feb, 08:30, room 405 PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY Thu, 29 Jan, 13:45, room 412 PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT (lecture) Fri, 16 Jan, 10:30, room 405 PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING Tue, 03...

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[1st year] Introduction to Psychology make-up meetings

Dear Students of Introduction to Psychology,

Because the Teacher was ill 2 times, here is when make-up classes are going to take place:
- Fri, 09 Jan, 10:15, room 404
- Fri, 16 Jan, 10:15, room 404
Please update your schedules!

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