News for August 2013


Renovations on 29-30 August

Dear Everyone,

Because of some technical renovations at the Main UW Campus, some university services (including USOS, email) may not work properly on 29-30 August. Apologies for the inconvenience.


[2nd year] Make-up exam in Developmental Psychology III

Dear Students who have a make-up exam in Developmental Psychology III,

The make-up exam is going to take place on Tue, 03 Sep, at 13:00, room 412 (together with 3rd-year's Counselling).


[3rd year] URGENT! Make-up exam in Counselling

Dear Students who have a make-up exam in Introduction to Guidance and Counselling Psychology,

The hour of the make-up exam is going to change. The exam will still take place on Tue, 03 Sep in room 412, but at 13:00 instead of 15:00 (2h earlier!). Please make an appropriate change in your calendars.


Information for 5th-year Students

Dear 5th-year Students,

When you submit your MA thesis to the office, it needs to be signed by your tutor. Theses without the tutor's signature will not be accepted.


Important information for all the Students

Dear Students, (This message is addressed to Students who are going to be on years 2-5 in the academic year 2013/14, but if you are going to be a new Student, you can read it in order to find out what you would have to deal with in the future.) If you don’t have any make-up exam in September, if you log in to the USOS and you can see that you are not registered for...

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