News for November 2012


Sick leave

Dear Students of the Experimental Social Psychology Specialization,

Dr Monika Prusik, the coordinator of the specialization, is currently on sick leave, therefore her office hours are cancelled. If you need to contact the coordinator, please write an email to her:


A small change in office hours

Dear Students,

There is a small change in office hours on Thursdays. As you (should) know, the office on Thursdays was open 12:00-16:00. However, since there is a break at 11:45-12:00 and many students come and talk to the office during the break, from now on the office hours on Thursdays will start and finish 15 min earlier, so from 11:45 till 15:45. Thanks!


If you don't know how to use your email on google...

Dear Students, Each student is obliged to use their university email. The UW will contact you via this email and you also need to use this email in order to contact the UW. If you are on your 1st year and you don't know how to access the email, please visit one of the [previous messages] in the news section to find out what to do. If you still don't know what to do, please contact the office. If you are a...

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Basic Issuen in Neuropsychological Assessment on 03 Dec 2012

Dear Students of Basic Issues in Neuropsychological Assessment,

The class on  Mon, 03 Dec, is cancelled. A make-up class is added at the end of the course, so on Mon, 28 Jan 2013, at 12:00-13:45, room 412. Please update your schedules!


[2nd year] Developmenal Psychology final test

Dear Students of Developmental Psychology II,

The final exam for this course is going to take place on Tue, 04 Dec, at 09:30, room 404.

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