News for March 2012


[2nd year] Emotions & Motivation - changes in the schedule

Dear Students of Emotions and Motivation, Since some classes have been cancelled and some will be cancelled, here is the list of changes in the schedule: * the class on 14 Mar was cancelled and another class was added on 06 June (there was info in the news some time ago), * the class on 18 Apr is going to be cancelled, and a make-up class is going to take place on Mon,...

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Academic calendar 2012/13

Dear Students,

The academic calendar for the 2012/13 academic year is already on our website. Please check the [academic calendar] section of our website.


Classes by Urszula Szulc on 28 and 29 March

Dear Students of Urszula Szulc,

All classes by this instructor (BCS2, Working with Groups, Coaching) taking place on 28 and 29 March are cancelled due to instructor's illness. Make-up classes are going to be announced as soon as they are known.


Prolonging Student ID cards

Dear Students, Due to an unexpected USOS problem, prolongation of your ID cards will be possible from Thu, 29 Mar. In order to make up for this inconvenience, on Fri, 30 Mar, it will be possible to prolog your cards till 15:00, instead of 12:00. Note: on Friday, the office for all the other things is going to be open till 12:00. An exception till 15:00 is made only for prolonging students IDs. We are very sorry...

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[years 1-3] Information about conditional passes

Dear Students, If you have not passed an obligatory course in the winter semester 2011/12, you need to write a request to the Dean (exactly to the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs) asking for a conditional pass to the spring semester. Without the Dean's approval, it will not be possible to prolong your Student ID card for the spring semester. ASSUMED FAQ Q: What is the Dean's email? I want to send him my request.A:...

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