News for July 2011


Registration for language exams

Dear Students, The registration for exams in foreign languages in the September make-up exam session is going to be open till 16 Aug, 23:59. You can register on the same page like for OGUNs, PE classes etc (exactly [HERE]). Assumed FAQ Q: I have just been accepted, do I need to do that?! A: Yes, but not now. You should start thinking about it when you come to Poland. Each student has to pass an exam in a foreign language till the...

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Academic calendar 2011/12

Dear Students,

You will find the detailed academic calendar for the coming 2011/12 academic year on our website in the [academic calendar] section.


Information on financial issues

Students who still did not pay:
- all due installments of the tuition fee increased by due interest,
- outstandings for conditions and/or for repeating the year,
are kindly requested to cover the above mentioned dues.
At the same time we would like to remind you that 1st installment of the tuition fee for the winter semester should be paid till 22nd September – after this dates financial dept. will count interest.
Prolongation of students’ IDs will be available against payments.


Pawel Holas signs index books

Dear Students,

Dr Pawel Holas is going to be at the Faculty on Wed, 06 July, at 15:00.