News for May 2011


LCBA - signing your index books

Dear Students,

If you would like to get an LCBA signature in your index book, please bring your index book to the office till Mon, 06 June till 10:30.


Sexology make-up classes

Dear Sexology Students,

The 2 missing Sexology classes have been scheduled for Mondays 30 May and 06 June at 08:30 in room 405. This way you are going to have double classes on these days.

Please update your schedules.


[2nd and 3rd year] Theoretical/Empirical paper

Dear 2nd- and 3rd-year Students, We would like to remind you that the deadline for OBTAINING a grade from your theoretical/empirical papers is the same as for all the other courses and it means the exam session in June. Please remember that the deadline for obtaining your grade is not the same as the date of submitting your paper. After you have given the final version of the paper to your tutor for grading, the tutor needs time to read it and...

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BCS2 on Fri, 27 May

Dear 1st-year Students,

After today's updates of schedules, the tomorrow's (27 May) BCS2 classes are going to take place as follows:
BCS2 gr 1 at 10:15, room 412
BCS2 gr 2 at 12:00, room 404


[3rd year] Intelligence on 01 June

Dear Students,

The Intelligence class on 01 June is cancelled. you are going to have a double class on 08 June.

Deadline for sending in your papers is 01 June! The instructor's email is:

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