News for July 2010


Info for all the Students - 12 September

Dear Students, 12 September is the last day of the makeup exam session after the spring semester 2009/10. It is also the last day when you need to have all the grades. Not having a grade from any course on that day will mean that this course is failed. This is especially important for 2nd- and 3rd-year Students who still need to finish their theoretical/empirical papers. Please note: having a grade means having a grade and not submitting your paper (!)....

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Exam in a foreign language

Dear Students,

Those of you who have not passed an exam in a foreign language (which needs to be done till the end of your 3rd year) can register for language exams taking place in the September makeup exam session. The registration is going to be open till 22 August 2010. You register on THIS website.