News for February 2010


Emotions and Motivation II on Mon, 01 Mar 2010

Emotions and Motivation II class on Mon, 01 Mar 2010 has been cancelled. As a result, the class on Mon, 19 Apr is going to be longer (from 13:00 to 15:15). The teacher will also set a separate date for the exam.


Info for Cognitive Psychology Students

Dear Ist year Students

As some of you wished to buy the textbook for Cognitive Psychology, the IPS bookstore considers coming to the Faculty -- you can buy it directly from them. They will have about 10 copies. The cost is 185 PLN (approx 40 pounds). I will try to arrange for them to come after our class this Monday.

Best, Joanna Rączaszek - Leonardi


Info for CBT Students (5th year)

The schedule of the Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (with Richard Ohring) has been updated. More classes have been scheduled, so the schedule of this course at this moment looks as follows:
Thu, 25 Mar, 13:45-16:00
Fri, 26 Mar, 12:00-17:30
Mon, 29 Mar, 13:45-17:30
Tue, 30 Mar, 13:45-16:00
Wed, 31 Mar, 09:30-11:45 and 13:45-16:00
Thu, 01 Apr, 09:30-11:45 and 13:45-16:00

Don't forget to update your schedule.


Info for Developmental Psych III Students

The schedule of the Developmental Psychology III course has changed and now it is as follows:
Mon, 07 June, 09:30-11:45,
Tue, 08 June, 11:15-13:30,
Wed, 09 June, 09:30-12:30,
Thu, 10 June, 12:00-13:30,
Fri, 11 June, 09:30-11:45.

Don't forget to update your own schedules.


Info for Environmental Psychology Students

Dear Students,

Bad news: we are forced to move the Environmental Psychology course from Aula (Main Hall) to room 94 (3rd floor). Unfortunately we had to give Aula to another Professor :( If Aula is possible in the future, we'll get it for you!

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