News for September 2009


If you have a foreign (non-Polish) diploma...

...don't forget that it needs to be made legal in Poland (you need to get something called "nostryfikacja" from the Kuratorium). Those of you who don't know how to do it are requested to contact the office. Having a nostryfikacja is a MUST!


Key Studies in Psychology registration

Dear Students,
The limit for Key Studies in Psychology is 25 people and not 40 as it was previously stated. The students who signed up for the course the latest will have to be unregistered. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.


[Urgent] Info about the registration

* Psychology and Myths as well as Creativity Workshop will be active tomorrow morning after the data migration which takes place around 7am.

* If you cannot register for anything, you are requested to contact the office ASAP, so that the problem could be solved.


Course schedules winter semester 2009/2010

The schedules have been sent to students. Please check your emails (if you are not a 1st-year student, please check your faculty email).


Check the email address

Dear Students,

If you want to send an email to me (Marta), please make sure that the email address you're using is info@PSYCHOLOGY.PL.

If you write at, this email will NOT reach me and it will be directed to a mailbox of one of the Polish offices where people do NOT speak English. If you have sent an email at the address lately and you have not been answered, that is the reason.

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