News for August 2008


Makeup exam session after 0708 year - UPDATE

New makeup exams: Psychometrics (also called Psychological Testing) with dr Witkowska Fri 12 Sept 2008, at 12:00, room 404 Psychopathology with prof. Kokoszka Fri 5 Sept 2008, at 11:00, in the Bródno Clinic History of Psychology (course by prof. Boon, by the makeup exam will be conducted by prof. Lewicka together with her Social Psych makeup exam) Thu 11 Sept 2008, at 12:00, room 405 Group Dynamics and Processes with dr Bilewicz Those of you who did not pass and who would like to have a makeup test...

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Makeup exam session after 0708 academic year

Some of the re-take exams have already been scheduled: Statistics and Research Design with Wouter de Raad Thu 4 Sept 2008, at 9:00, room 405 Social Psychology with prof. Maria Lewicka Thu 11 Sept 2008, at 12:00, room 405 Statistical Methods for Experimental Design with prof. Tytus Sosnowski Fri 12 Sept 2008 Philosophy of Science with prof. Adam Grobler Mon 15 Sept 2008, at 11:30 ATTENTION! The details of some of the exams have not been scheduled yet. The rest of the exams will be scheudled soon. For updates, please...

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Dormitory info (IMPORTANT!!)

This year the Faculty of Psychology was assigned less spots than there were applications. As there is a rule that the poorest Polish people take the dormitory spots first, this year it turns out that NO ONE from the English program will be given the dormitory spot. Please start looking for a flat on your own as soon as possible!!


Students starting this October! (and others)

Please check your emails often!

Older students: don't forget to check your emails.


Theoretical/empirical papers

Dear Students,

Please do not forget about your duties concerning your theoretical and empirical papers. Details have been sent to you by email (check your faculty emails).