News for July 2008



Qualified candidates are required to send or bring in a number of additional documents to be accepted officially to the. The deadline for delivering these documents is 12:00 noon on July 24. An extension can be granted until August 6 if necessary to people with foreign diplomas (please contact us in this case, otherwise we will delete you from the list on July 24th and accept someone from the waiting list!). Applicants who have not supplied us with these documents...

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Important Info about the Main Library

Those of you who have not returned their index books till yesterday are obliged to get a stamp from BUW on their own. What is meant by "a stamp" is the library stamp that says that you have returned all the books to the library and your library account is empty after the 2007/2008 academic year. Q: So if I had returned my index book a long time ago, do I still have to get a stamp? A: No, thanks to one...

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