Program description

The University of Warsaw (UW) Faculty of Psychology offers daytime (without a tuition fee), evening, and English (with a tuition fee) 5-year masters (magister) programs. The program of study is identical for the three types of studies and is separated into two levels: basic (Years 1-3) and advanced (Years 4 and 5). The program includes courses that are required from all students (obligatory) as well as courses that are selected by each student in accordance with her/his interests (electives). Courses generally last one semester, not exceeding 30 class-hours. Exceptions to this rule are masters seminars, supervised research, foreign language courses, and some practical courses in applied psychology.

Courses in the Faculty of Psychology are assigned credits in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as proposed by the European Union. According to this system, credits represent a universal measure of workload that is required for all students completing a degree. The basic principle behind this system is that one academic year of full-time courses at a given institution is equivalent to 60 credits. Each institution is guided by this principle when assigning credits to particular courses. At the Faculty of Psychology, credits are assigned to obligatory courses by the Faculty Council, and credits are assigned to electives by the instructor depending on evaluation method and workload. A minimum of 300 ECTS credits must be earned during the 5-year course of study. For details please check the 'Academics' section of this website.