Mission & vision

The Faculty of Psychology of the UW was the first academic unit in Poland to be granted the right to offer master (‘magister’) degree studies in psychology and to this day has remained the only psychology department in the Polish public university system. As an organizational unit of the University of Warsaw, the best and largest Polish institution of higher education, the Faculty has developed its mission in accordance with the mission of the University:
1.    The activity of the Faculty is based on a harmonious synthesis of three functions: the didactic function, the scientific function, and work for the benefit of the external environment.
2.    The mission of the Faculty is to ensure access to reliable academic knowledge and to create conditions for effective acquisition of this knowledge by all those entitled, namely students, doctoral fellows and participants in postgraduate programs.
3.    The Faculty is involved in activity carried out for the benefit of the external environment, such as aiding the needy, offering social consultations, popularizing certain ways of perception and comprehension of social phenomena while recognizing the right to diversity of views and ideas.